Welcome to the website for VIHealthCare, a non-profit organized by U.S. Virgin Islanders to press for rapid and fundamental change in the way we finance and deliver health care and wellness services in the Territory. Our proposal is unique to the Virgin islands but starts with the fundamental single-payer theme of Everybody In – Nobody Out.

Our goals are:

  • Assure high quality care for every Virgin Islander.

  • Assure all health care providers receive full and fair compensation for their services. We want to attract and retain the best talent.

  • Save the hospitals and then advance them to world class standards.

  • Establish a rational and reliable funding system.

  • Encourage Virgin Islanders and Visitors to use our physicians and hospitals.

This is not insurance. It is a community managed and self-funded single payer program operating parallel with the Territorial Government. We already have the support of many key leaders including the Senate Chairman of the Senate Health, Hospitals, Human Services and Veteran’s Affairs, Clarence Payne, III.

Our target for full implementation is January 2015. Please take a look at the Summary of the proposal (four pages), the “100 Reasons” presentation and the complete Draft which are all available on this website. Also, please follow us on Facebook.

CLICK HERE to view the One Hundred Reasons To Support The VIHealthCare Proposed Health and Wellness Comprehensive Reform Plan.